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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Travelling to India - Quick travel guide to India

India is located in the heart of Asia.

What to expect in India

Huge crowds of people as India is well populated, Culture, colour, taste, Monuments and ancient forts and not forgetting street beggars.

Things to know about India:

The climate is India can be severely hot.

India is home to the Bollywood film industry.

India has a monsoon season, which heavy rains occur during the months of June to September.

Rishikesh (India) is known as Yoga Capital of the World. This place is great to get back in touch with your spiritual side and your body's health.

India has one of the world best textile industry which makes Shopping in India great as many options are available throughout the country. DONT FORGET TO BARGAIN HUNT IN INDIA.

India travel guide - Things about India (Video)

India's main language is Hindi, however a good majority of people in India can speak English. 

Main tourist destination is Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and South India.

Mumbai ( formally known as Bombay) A rich cultural experience, busy and abit more affluence than the rest of india. Mumbai is also home to Bollywood movie industry.

Goa known for its beautiful beaches and churches. There are many water sports activities. Goa has lot of western issue and currently know as the party destination in india

Agra, Delhi ( host to the Taj Mahal, the gift of eternal love from an Emperor for his beloved wife, currently is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in Agra. There are many other forts and palaces all across Agra.

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The most famous and must see landmarks in India is the Taj Mahal.

Currency used in India is Indian Rupees 

Majority of major airlines travel to India. 

Street Food in India is a big market, and you will find numerous vendors selling delicious dishes from your favorite Indian food to your favorite Indian desserts. Fyi - check vendor hygiene standards before you purchase, as am your you dont want to be sick on your holiday.🤢

Foods to try in India: Biryani, Dosa, Chapati, Butter Chicken along with numerous other tasty street food. 

Transportation : Rickshaw and private taxi's and Tour group Shuttles.

Place of interest : 

Agra (Taj Mahal) 

Agra Fort 

Golden temple (Amritsar)

The holy city of Varanasi (Ganges River

Goa beaches ( Party Capital of India)

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