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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What to choose: Bali villas or Bali Hotels


Most people come to Bali to see and enjoy its arts and cultures, its fabulous natures views, its nice beaches, its friendly people and for its pure relaxation atmosphere. While others come to bali for business purposes or come seeking permanent home in this island style lifestyle environment. Whatever your aim is to do in bali, finding suitable accommodation is one of the most important aspects in order to get the comforts and enjoy a memorable holiday. 

There are a tons of accommodations to choose from in Bali, from its five-star luxury Bali hotels and resorts or Bali private villas or to its budget friendly hostels while can be just a few dollars a night. 

Both hotels and villas shall give you some advantages. 

For those who want a hotel that has a nice beach front or hotel by the sea or a room that facing the ocean, Bali Hotel is an easier choice, because most of luxury Bali Hotels are sea facing. 

There are plentiful of hotels in bali that offer either a building style hotel or a Balinese style bungalow, both offer modern comports and excellent service, but without maximum privacy. 

Most Bali Hotels have one or more restaurants and bars that offer a wide range of local and international cuisines. 

Also sports and Spa facilities are usually available. Some other amenities may include activities like tennis, billiards, squash, fitness center, games room, and some with golf course. 

Private Bali Villa's:

For those who want to enjoy a total private and perhaps a perfect Balinese lifestyle, staying in a private villa is a right choice. 

One can enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private villa with air-conditioned bedrooms and tropical bathrooms to dream about, spacious living and dining areas and spacious terraces, a lush tropical garden with your own private swimming pool, and well-trained house staff to take care of everything around the clock. 

And youll appreciate the comfort and informality you can only experience in a private home.

Instead of staying in hotel rooms (bed, two chairs, dressing table, TV set and telephone, wardrobe, small bathroom), your family and you will enjoy this truly Balinese experience. 

And you have much more space, more informality, more privacy, and more personal service than even the best hotels can provide. 

You can even save up to 50% – 70% of meals and drinks if you stay at a private villa also you have a fully furnished kitchen at your disposal, if you decide a self-service vacation. 

You can order your groceries, favorite snacks and drinks to be brought for you from the local supermarket. Youll be surprised at the low cost as you pay the same prices as locals do.

A private chef can also be arrange, if you dont want the hassle of cooking your meals by yourself while you on holiday. Trained cooks (reasonable extra cost) can be provided and sometimes included in your villa rental.

And in most cases Balis tax & service charge and airport transfer is included in your villa rental. 

Go online and search your preferred Bali hotels or Bali villas or contact your reliable travel agent.

You may try and search these sites, if you would like to do it on your own:


Facebook group - Cheap villa rental in bali

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