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Monday, October 19, 2020

Travelling to New Zealand - Quick travel guide to New Zealand

New Zealand is island located in the Southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. 

Being outdoors in nature is the best way to experience New Zealand and all that it has to offer. You should be prepared to spend most of your time outdoors, because there are scenic displays like you have never seen before.

The warmer months in New Zealand are between November and April.

What to expect or things to do in New Zealand:

 The adventure & adrenalin island, Mostly includes activities from bungee jumping to kayaking and in between them are hiking, Spending time with the island's indigenous local or even Dig up you own hot spring on the sand. Not forgetting watching Rugby matches while enjoying a KiWi Fruit.

The Ultimate guide to New Zealand Video:


New Zealand 's main language is English

Main tourist destination is Auckland and Queenstown

Auckland ( A large city set around stunning ports and bays.) 

Wellington ( Attractive views of the surrounding hills and does also offers some splendid views of the Harbor.) 

Christchurch ( Access with nature and have fun in New Zealands, lakes, mountains and beaches.)

Currency used in New  Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar.

Foods to try while in New Zealand :

Kiwi Pie ( pie consisting with Kiwi Fruit.)

Hangi ( Maori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven.)

Kiwi Burger ( found at MacDonald's in New Zealand.)

Manuka Honey ( Specialized honey found in New Zealand.)

Place of Interest : 


Sky Tower (City viewing & Bungee Facility

Auckland Zoo 

SkyCity Auckland ( Casino & Hotel)


Milford Sound ( Waterfalls

Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge

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